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Wednesday, September 04, 2002

Kissinger and Iraq II

The New York Times now seems to admit that it was wrong to report that Henry Kissinger opposes invasion of Iraq - as the Man Without Qualities pointed out a while ago (as well as many others). The Times still spins Mr. Kissinger's admittedly somewhat opaque writing in some unlikely ways, but does frankly admit:

The Aug. 16 article ... listed Mr. Kissinger incorrectly among Republicans who were warning outright against a war. ... The Times's Aug. 16 article was based in part on a syndicated opinion article published by Mr. Kissinger on Aug. 12 in The Washington Post and other newspapers. In it, he said that a war was justifiable.

Why does getting the Times to admit its transparent error have to resemble pulling teeth from a cat?


UPDATE: Best of the Web makes much the same point, with additional detail about how the Times is still missing many of Kissinger's points.

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