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Sunday, August 01, 2004

Ah, The Bounce! III

The new
USA TODAY/CNN/Gallup Poll detects a 5% negative bounce for Kerry-Edwards from the Democratic Convention. That poll, taken Friday and Saturday, shows Kerry-Edwards trailing Bush-Cheney by 4% (50% to 46%) among likely voters, with independent candidate Ralph Nader at 2%. Before the convention Kerry-Edwars led Bush-Cheney by 1% (47% to 46%). Hence the negative 5% bounce.If that USA TODAY/CNN/Gallup Poll is correct, Kerry-Edwards would have done far worse than McGovern-Eagleton for negative bounce from the convention. USA Today also reports that this is the first time in the Gallup Poll since the 1972 Democratic convention that a candidate seemed to lose ground at his convention. Yes, there is gathering evidence that Kerry-Edwards is indeed making history - AND YOU ARE THERE!

But the
Rasmussen Poll now says it is detecting a positive 4% Kerry-Edwards bounce - with Kerry-Edwards now leading 49%-45% over the 3 days of sampling.

Zogby says he detecting zero bounce in the sense of a Kerry-Edwards uptick, but with the Bush-Cheney ticket losing a few points, and the undecided voter numbers increasing by three points.

On a perhaps related note: The Manchurian Candidate, a movie for some reason especially beloved by the liberal media,
seems to have opened rather weakly - third in box office gross and far behind The Village, a movie that (together with its director) has for some reason attracted what seems to border on irrational hate from that same media. Is it that M. Night Shyamalan refuses to move to Los Angeles and spends his money back in his old home town? - that fact seems to figure prominently in the Slate review of The Village. I'd like him to move here to LA, too, and help boost my property values when he and his production team buy their pricey residences, but it's not worth hating him over it.

Gosh, the tone of some of these reviews should have Mr. Shyamalan researching the Pennsylvania stalker laws. Or maybe he should plan a new movie about a young successful director who dared to live in the Philadelphia suburbs, on the very edge of the dark forrest! And then, one night, out in the woods he glimpses the glowing, hateful eyes! The crazed eyes of strange, angry beasts! ... Yes, it's a whole pack of deranged, drooling, homicidal movie reviewers!

But the reader guessed that was coming, didn't you?


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