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Monday, July 29, 2002

The Clinton Way

There are reports that "smoking guns" have been found showing that the Internal Revenue Service was used in the Clinton Administrations to conduct politically motivated tax audits. This should be added to such events as the Livingston White House misappropriation of hundreds of FBI files, the "unauthorized leak" of Linda Tripp's records and the creation of a vast partisan databank with taxpayer money.

At this point, the new reports of IRS abuses should, coupled with prior evidence of the Clinton Administrations' willingness to exploit government files, further suggest that Harken-related mischief will not likely amount to anything significant. The Clintonites had eight years to exploit that set of facts, and plenty of opportunities and incentives. The new reports of IRS abuse are said to involve the Republican candidate for governor of California. But the Clinton-Gore administrations had Mr. Bush's two runs for governor of Texas and his run for Presidency as incentives to exploit whatever the Clinton Securities and Exchange Commission could come up with. The Democrats did use the Harken matter each time.

But even the Clinton SEC just couldn't bring itself to reactivate that investigation, nor could they find gold in the matter.

New revelations such as the current IRS nastiness suggest that failure wasn't because the Clintonites weren't willing to do what they thought they could get away with.

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