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Monday, July 29, 2002

What Can They Be Thinking?

The Democrats are said by the New York Times to be trying out campaign themes:

``In the span of a year, this administration has turned fiscal responsibility on its ear,'' [Senator] Kerry said, ``turning a budget surplus into a budget with endless deficits spurred on by an irresponsible and unfairly structured tax cut.''

Are the Democrats going to campaign to raise taxes or not? If not, how long do they think they can talk about "an irresponsible and unfairly structured tax cut" before they have to say what they plan to do about it (that is, raise taxes). And if they do think it's a good idea to campaign to raise taxes, then why don't they say they are going to raise taxes? Are they proposing to raise taxes with the New York Times running a front page article yesterday warning of the risk of a "double dip" recession? Nothing like raising taxes going into a possible recession.

Maybe this mess is why the Times says what the Democrats are really doing is trying out themes for 2004. While they're at it, maybe they should try out some themes for 2012 - it would mean as much as the work they're doing now for 2004.

And, by the way, Senator Lieberman keeps turning up in such articles. Has anyone stopped to consider that the good Senator was chosen, and was as an asset to Gore, in 2000 because he is personally a good man, in contrast to the widespread public perceptions of the man Gore had served with for the preceding eight years. But, presumably, Mr. Clinton's erotic activities and possible federal felonies will not be an issue in 2004. So what does Senator Lieberman bring to the table? Polls show he was drubbed by Cheney in their one debate.

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