Man Without Qualities

Monday, August 05, 2002


Well, it turns out that Mickey Kaus IS a Rhino!

Not the Eugene Ionesco political parable Rhinoceros sort of Rhino.

No. It turns out that Kaus is actually the "O-MY-GOD-THAT'S-A-WILD-RHINO-ON -THE LOOSE-AND-HE'S-HEADING-RIGHT-AT-US" sort of Rhino!

Or at least that's the way Kaus probably appears to Paul Krugman today, as Kaus digs his bloghorn into Krugman's soft and fleshy mass of pretensions, errors and attempted obfuscations, and sends him flying!


UPDATE: An astute and clever reader quips that Kaus isn't so much a Rhino as a DINO: "Democrat In Name Only."

Ah, go on! The Dems have a bigger tent than that! Kaus is a Democrat just as surely as Pluto is a planet!

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