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Monday, September 23, 2002

Clueless in Berlin

The Times of London reports that "a senior diplomat" (apparently, a senior German "diplomat") said:

“The Bush people are worried that the German resistance will prove to be a rallying point for other critical Europeans ahead of a possible war.”

"The German Resistance." Think of that choice of words from a "a senior diplomat."

This same Times of London article reports that German Chancellor Gerhard Schröder "moved to repair an increasingly fraught relationship with the United States by sacking two senior politicians" : Ludwig Stiegler, head of the Social Democratic parliamentary grouping, who had compared Mr Bush to a Roman Emperor lording it over his colonies and Herta Däubler-Gmelin, Justice Minister, who compared Mr Bush with Adolf Hitler.

A Roman Emperor lording over colonies and Adolf Hitler. And now the irresponsible, opportunistic antics of Herr Schröder's campaign and continuing intransigence become "The German Resistance" to "a senior diplomat." Like the heroic French Resistance in the 1940's.

Herr Schröder! Number three for the sack!

Maybe President Bush should congratulate Herr Schröder by having Colin Powell send him some White Roses? After all, wouldn't it be diplomatic to condescend to the new government's offensive "German Resistance" delusion? Isn't that what one should do to abide those once admirable but who descend into senility? Somebody has to provide the responsible adult supervision - and it apparently isn't going to be Gerhard Schröder's crowd - including his "senior diplomats."

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