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Thursday, September 26, 2002

Democracy, Liberal Democrat Style

As discussed here in prior posts and by many other people in many other venues, Senator Daschle and the Democrats are complaining that the Republicans are "politicizing" the Iraq war question.

This Michael Kinsley article exhibits the other - simultaneous and entirely inconsistent - position the left is attempting: "Shouldn’t we all have a say in deciding whether our nation goes to war with Iraq?"

In a democracy, "the people" normally and mainly "have a say" through the campaign and election process.

But, of course, to the very dapper Senator Daschle that would be prohibited "politicization." Can't have that.

In sum: From the Democrat's perspective, the country can't go to war without everyone "having a say" - and we can't let people "have a say" because that would mean bringing the war up as a campaign issue, which is "politicization."

Conclusion: No war possible. Got that? An algebra problem.

Isn't that tidy?

The only thing the Democrats leave out is the reality of all those dead people on September 11 - and the great many more dead people we can look forward to if Saddam and his kind continue to go unaddressed.

UPDATE: The Star Tribune does one-half of the liberal algebra problem.

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