Man Without Qualities

Wednesday, September 11, 2002

More Calls for Rubin Questioning

The Washington Times is demanding that Robert Rubin be formally questioned under oath for his and Citigroup's increasingly murky roles in the Enron scandal. If Senator Lieberman's committee won't do the questioning, then perhaps Rep. Billy Tauzin's House Energy and Commerce Committee could issue the subpoena. That committee should have some time on its agenda, since it has just terminated it's preposterous grandstanding show of harrassing Martha Stewart and finally referred her case to the Department of Justice and the Securities and Exchange Commission, where it always and exclusively belonged at the Federal level.

For its part, Citigroup is now reorganizing so that Mr. Rubin will have more power and authority in running the Citigroup investment bank, known as Salomon Smith Barney, which is now under extensive Federal investigation in connection with its role in several scandals in addition to the Enron scandal.

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