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Thursday, September 26, 2002

Top 10 Reasons Not To Go To War With Iraq

The ever-thoughtful Cato Institute presents its Top Ten well-reasoned factors against war with Iraq.

The Man Without Qualities thinks war with Iraq is a necessary and beneficial thing, well worth the price.

But every citizen should weigh carefully the pros and cons of something as serious as a war. The President, the Republican Party, the conservative portion of the mainstream press and the right side of the Blogosphere have all done a very good job of explaining the reasons for invading Iraq.

But none of the liberal mainstream media, the Democratic Party or its "leaders" or (strikingly) the left side of the Blogosphere has been producing much other than jibberish in this area.

So it is worth pondering seriously what the Cato Institute has to say.

UPDATE: The Man Without Qualities is not impressed with Cato's points. For example, many of them are of the "Arab street" variety - which make no more sense now than they did in the case of Afghanistan. Here's an article from Arab News (sent by an astute reader) that pretty much blows that concern away.

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