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Saturday, November 09, 2002

But Are The Senate Democrats Silly Enough To Give It To Him?

Daschle runs again. Daschle said he is confident he will run unopposed.

Daschle said that Sen. Chris Dodd, D-Connecticut, rumored to be a potential challenger for Senate minority leader, told him that he would not run against him.

And John Fund was just on MSNBC ( a replay from November 6) saying that McAuliffe is going nowhere despite his huge errors that probably cost the Democrats the election because McAuliffe is Bill and Hillary's man, and they are essentially the only really effective fundraisers the Democrats have.

It's Bill and Hillary who lost the Democrats control of Congress in 1994. Bill ran for President in 1996 by "triangulating" against the Congressional Democrats (and Republicans). Then in 1998 Republican excess in responding to Bill Clinton's personal excesses with Monica Lewinski cost them seats - but the Democrats were still forced by Bill Clinton to sully and compromise themselves in defending their President. That sullying and compromise eventually contributed seriously to Al Gore's failure to win the White House or the Democrats to make serious gains in the Congress in 2000 - despite peace and what then looked like a good economy. And now it's Bill and Hillary (through McAuliffe) who lost the Democrats control of Senate in 2002. Since he entered the national scene, Bill Clinton has been like an insouciant heir who dissipates the family fortune in a decade, especially the portion of the Democrat family fortune in Congressional hands.

If Mr. Fund is right, then, once again, the Clintons control equals Democrat - especially Congressional Democrat - disaster. But the Democrats just can't say no, like an abused spouse - in Mr. Fund's words.

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