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Wednesday, November 06, 2002

Fun In South Dakota

Tim Johnson has provisionally won re-election as Senator from South Dakota by 527 votes. The vote difference can be accounted for as coming from the same Indian reservations which have been under serious federal investigation for voter fraud for the past few weeks.

There is to be a recount. The matter may end in the courts.

But, ultimately, the Republican controlled Senate will decide who won the South Dakota Senate race. ("Each House shall be the judge of the elections, returns and qualifications of its own members...")

If there is a real question remaining over the authenticity of those reservation votes when the Senate reconvenes, the decision as to who will represent South Dakota may be very much on Trent Lott's agenda.

UPDATE: Since it's fairly obvious he screwed up royally, why can't Senator Daschle just stop talking for a while? He seems incontinent, as with this:

[Senator Tim] Johnson will probably find himself in a recount situation and face a possible challenge to the vote totals after that.

If there is a challenge, it would be decided by the U.S. Senate, making Tuesday’s change in leadership even more significant.

Daschle says he doesn’t see the same fate for Johnson.

“I think the recount will be definitive. I don’t think it will have to go to the Senate,” Daschle said.

Since Senator Daschle can't possibly know what he's talking about, why does he just NOT TALK for an instant? Can't he let up on his self-destructiveness for a moment or two? What's wrong with him?

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