Man Without Qualities

Thursday, November 07, 2002

Hair Of The Dog

The New York Times reports that some Democratic leaders said the party had made a mistake in failing to engage President Bush on his tax cut — one clear area of economic disagreement between the two parties — and by falling in line behind Mr. Bush when he pressed the issue of Iraq in the midst of a fall election.

Yes, indeed. Campaign to raise expected taxes while the economy threatens to "double dip" and launch a transparently politically motivated opposition to the President's effort to control a terrorist state preparing weapons of mass destruction. That would have been some party platform.

But such an approach probably would have solved at least the problem of post-election Democratic leadership in the House. No such leadership would have been needed, since there probably wouldn't have been any Democrats left in the House after the election. And if some did survive, they could all have shared the "leadership" chores among their single digit number.

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