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Sunday, November 03, 2002

If He's the Saturday Night Live Host, Then Who's The Parasite? on "Saturday Night Live":

[M]aybe that's what contributed to their lousiness: writers who spent their summers reading US magazine instead of the newspapers. If the show doesn't snap together for this Saturday's Sarah Michelle Gellar-hosted edition, people are going to start making jokes about driving a stake into "SNL's" heart -- if that organ can be located.

But what does know, anyway? There are other critics. Here's one that thinks it's hip called "Metromix":

"Saturday Night Live" came out of the seasonal gate Saturday looking exactly the same as it has for most of the past half-dozen years or so: like a tired, bloated icon of the television and cultural establishments that it began life dedicated to mocking.

Well, who ever heard of "Metromix"? They don't mean squat. Here's something called Teenink:

"Saturday Night Live" is not the same show that it once was. During the prime years of SNL stars including Eddie Murphy, Chevy Chase and John Belushi were constantly creating new, fresh skits which were funny and brought the show to life. But now the weekly comedy show struggles to come up with a single funny scene, and original skits now come few and far between. As the hour-and-a-half show moves along, it seems to lunge for a laugh or a chuckle. Despite the good acting and the interesting hosts, the humor is simply not there. As the ratings continue to drop, the show must find a solution to its growing problem of lack of funny material. Until then, it will probably get worse.

"Bloated icon?" "Heart can't be located?" "Seems to lunge for a laugh or a chuckle?" "Probably get worse?"

Who could these reviewers have been expecting?

Someone tired, unfunny, bloated, yesterday's news, washed-up but still thinks he's the happening thing. And thinks that SNL is the place to prove it!?

Who could it be other than AL GORE?!

I'll bet he even does the Macarena just to show that a wild and crazy guy like him can make fun of himself - IF IT'S ALL CAREFULLY PLANNED IN ADVANCE! Watch out - he may even kiss Tipper again!

The inside word is that it's all a big misunderstanding and that Mr. Gore had actually asked for a slot on "Rowan and Martin's Laugh In!"

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