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Friday, December 06, 2002

Augusta Anyone? Or Perhaps The Head Of Caesar On A Platter?

Mickey Kaus has a nice wrap up of the foolishness that has fallen out of the recent New York Times crusade against the male-only policy at the Augusta National golf club - especially the Times' decision to run the sports items previously spiked as inconsistent with the Times' imperious, silly and self-indulgent editorial position.

But with all respect to Mickey, I think one interesting question not asked here is: who ordered the retreat?

Is this an example of Howell Raines coming to his senses? Or is this an example of Howell Raines being sent to the woodshed? If the latter, whose hand held the switch?

And what to make of the Mnoosweek caveat: Late Friday, however, a Times spokeswoman said, “A final determination has not yet been made.”

Time (or Newsweek) and leaks will tell! Ah, we wait again for the words - drops of blood, really - so dreaded at the Times: "In a memo circulated to staff and subsequently made public, managing editor Gerald Boyd wrote ..."

And didn't Mr. Boyd write that these sports items were spiked for want of sufficient logic? Have they begun to sprout new logic? The Man Without Qualities loves logic the way Charlotte loved blood!

Tasty, tasty.

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