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Wednesday, January 22, 2003

UPDATE: The Content of Our Melanin

The Sun reports that Senator Clinton said: "If we don’t take race as part of our character, then we are kidding ourselves.”

But Newsday seems to report that she said:

"But what is character? The sum total of who you are. The color of your skin and how you deal with it is part of your character."

Conflict and chaos via the Minute Man.

Can we go to the instant replay tape? Do they have those in Baptist churches? I don't remember seeing any in the one's I've been in. Maybe only the Super Bowl?

MORE: Both quotes seem to be accuracte. The MinuteMan reports:

The Sun places its quote at "Trinity Baptist Church in the Bronx"; Newsday describes "a gathering hosted by the Rev. Al Sharpton, which would almost surely have been "in Harlem" at "a packed hall on Madison Avenue near 125th Street". And this Newsday story has her speaking at both sites. And, delightfully, the "gaffe" came first, with the more favorable quote following.

Kausfiles seems to have solved this little mystery.

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