Man Without Qualities

Thursday, February 27, 2003

Ah, Tradition!

Daniel Kahneman has no doctorate in economics!

And he was allowed to found an entire school of economics! So he seems to be in the business of granting doctorates in economics to other people.

Somebody alert the Nobel Prize Committee who awarded him the Nobel Prize in Economics just a few months ago!

Somebody alert TAPPED!

And for God's sakes, don't let him sign any letters to the President pretending to be an economist! For, as TAPPED says, by tradition, one can't claim to be an economist unless one has the sheepskin - and a mere Nobel Prize in economics sure ain't sheepskin, although it does help to pay the bills.

Now that he's won his Nobel Prize in economics, maybe some university will give Professor Kahneman an honorary doctorate in economics - that all-important sheepskin - which should clear up his checkered past with TAPPED.

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