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Wednesday, February 12, 2003

Batty Over Baghdad

Maureen Dowd blathers: "Osama bin Laden came to the rescue of George W. Bush yesterday."

She seems to be ventilating her frustration over Osama bin Laden just blowing away all her good efforts, and the good efforts of those like her, to obscure and deny the willingness of al Qaeda and Iraq to work together even though they don't like each other and don't go to mosque together on Fridays.

The immediate object of Big Mo's venom was bin Laden's tape urging Moslems to do whatever they could to stop and kill Americans, especially the coming American troops, apparently including suicide actions. Big Mo characterizes the Administration's decision to replay the tape this way:

So the Bushies no longer care if Osama sends a coded message to his thugs as long as he stays on message for the White House?

So to this New York Times columnist an exhortation to Iraqis to resist and kill Americans and American troops stays on message for the White House.

God is she sick. Obscene batty blather – and lots of it.


Batty Big Mo blathers about her concern that:

In the past, Condi Rice has implored the networks not to broadcast the tapes outright, fearing he might be activating sleeper cells in code. But this time the administration flacked the tape. And Fox, the official Bush news agency, rushed the entire tape onto the air.

But buried deep with another New York Times story is the following explanation:

One senior intelligence official said that analysts had determined that it was unlikely that any secret code was on the tape. Instead, the official said that the taped message was in its entirety a "go signal."

That a determination of such sort had been made was already obvious to all but Big Mo. But Big Mo was apparently miffed because the tape was replayed to the American public, thereby undoing all her hard work obscuring and denying the willingness of al Qaeda and Iraq to work together.

Boo Hoo Big Mo!

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