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Friday, February 07, 2003

Chromosome Poisoning

There is a recent vogue in some of the more septic corners of the left to refer to those with whom they do not agree as having an "extra chromosome."

TAPPED is the latest to employ this usage. TAPPED and its fellow travelers in this trashmouth should keep in mind that that kind of talk is banned on the better American grade school playgrounds - and the children who talk that way are brought to the principal's office and told that they are in school to learn better ways of expressing themselves.

What does the future hold? Will TAPPED soon refer to its political opponents as, say, "mongoloids or as having Down's syndrome?" Will some TAPPED-out wit think it would be just hunky dory to refer to women as "Y-chromosome deprived?" How about referring to men as "those of the species lacking two X chromosomes?" And as science continues to correlate various human frailties with particular defective chromosomes or genes, do TAPPED and its sympaticos plan to correlate those defects with the names they call their political opponents? Why stop at "extra chromosome" when one can sound so learned by referring to one's political opponents as "the Taye-Sacks afflicted in the crowd", for example?

Go, TAPPED, go! Do the PC dance just as fast as you can! The fun is just unbounded!

Link from Croooow Blog.

UPDATE: Croooow Blog correctly points out:

Bush 41's use of ["extra chromosome"], which he had to apologize for in December 1987... doesn't make TAPPED look any better.

In fact, it just makes the need for a TAPPED apology all the more obvious.

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