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Friday, February 07, 2003

Hilarious Hans!

The Associated Press reports:

An Iraqi scientist's decision to be interviewed by U.N. inspectors suggests that Baghdad is "making an effort" to cooperate, chief U.N. inspector Hans Blix said Friday ahead of a key visit to Iraq. Asked about Thursday's interview with an Iraqi biologist, Blix said: "I think it seems as they are making an effort." But he added: "We want to see a lot more this weekend," when he and head nuclear inspector Mohamed ElBaradei meet with senior Iraqi officials.

So, two days after being shown proof that the Iraqis have been engaged in an effort to deceive his team - an effort so excessive and madcap that it could have come from an old Looney Tunes cartoon - and before he even talks to this one sad Iraqi scientist who is being offered up as the sacrificial victim, Mr. Blix is prepared to opine that "it seems as they are making an effort!"

What a card! Surely Mr. Blix is hoping for the Sargeant Schultz part in any new Hogan's Heros show! He even looks the part.

Mr. Blix, listen and repeat: "I see noth-ing! I see noth-ing!"

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