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Friday, December 05, 2003

And, Of Course, These Polls Are Taken Before A Lot Of People Figure Out That The Economy Is Recovering ...

... the polls eleven months from now will likely reflect a much larger dose of prosperity:

People are increasingly comfortable about job security for themselves and for those they know - 44 percent now, compared with 35 percent in early October.

And more approve of the way Bush is handling the economy - 50 percent compared with 45 percent earlier, according to the poll conducted for the AP by Ipsos-Public Affairs. Support for his handling of other domestic issues like education, health care and the economy, at 47 percent, has not shifted significantly.

The president's re-election numbers have slightly improved, with 41 percent saying they will definitely vote for him and 36 percent definitely against him. One in five is considering voting for someone else. In mid-November, people were evenly split, 37 percent for and against.

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