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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

O, Silo!

The Times of London reports:

A FAMOUS gay penguin at New York’s Central Park Zoo has reignited the “culture wars” over homosexuality by going straight. Silo, a chinstrap penguin, had been in a six-year relationship with another 18-year-old male called Roy. The pair even raised a chick together when their keepers gave them a donated egg, after they tried unsuccessfully to hatch a rock. The widely publicised story of the two males bringing up a baby, named Tango, made them gay icons. Their same-sex household was cited by liberals as a corrective to the traditional “family values” displayed by Emperor penguins in the hugely popular new documentary, The March of the Penguins, which has been hailed by Christian conservatives.
Well, what is this going to do to all those arguments that gay men can't be "reconditioned" to be straight? Or that sexual identity is genetic? Is Silo's AC-DC nature a result of lifestyle choice?


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