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Wednesday, February 20, 2002

The Emerging Murkfare Market

Mickey Kaus has a revealing article on the growing Beltway market in conflicts-of-interest. The article gives a glimpse of how the current "campaign finance reform" bill in Congress will amount to a kind of partial privatization of the Federal political system in the hands of Beltway operatives.

Enron's time had not yet come! It attempted to create markets in deregulated electricity, broadband rights, and other such prosaic commodities. If only they had seen the future lay in the high-value-added trafficking in conflicts-of-interest, like the savvier Washington lawyers! But, then, there's no money in the stuff you can put in the media or on the trading room screens. So where are the "girls"?


This post is by no means intended to suggest that KausFiles does or does not share any opinion expressed here. KausFiles is more than capable of expressing his own views.

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