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Thursday, February 28, 2002

No Mo' Up No'

An InstaPundit link informs us that the Canadian government has enacted a law that criminalizes hate propaganda on matters such as race, and that a leading Canadian gay rights group has called for this law to be extended to include speech about sexual orientation. If this bill passes, Maureen Dowd may for a while want to steer clear of policemen with thick rubber soles on their shoes, or wearing those broad flat brimmed hats with red coats. They may want to ask her some pointed questions about exactly what she had in mind when she wrote that “Over and over, you see alpha males, who would otherwise be plotting to crush one another, forming alliances to crush the uppity alpha woman in their midst. The corporate culture is still reeking of testosterone. … The Washington political culture is full of vintage testosterone.”

If words analogous to Ms. Dowd’s were published charging professional women “over and over” with “forming alliances to crush” heterosexual males, and asserting that social structures (say, the League of Women Voters or the Little Sisters of Charity) “reeked” of estrogen, there would be no hesitation in Ms. Dowd’s neighborhood to label such words for what they are: hate speech. As an insightful reader puts it: "It seems that Maureen Dowd believes that those of us with Y chromosomes must have our own version of 'The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.'" Yes, it does seem that way, and it also seems as though some Canadians now want to do something about this kind of thing.

Of course, to revert to those Canadian issues, “sexual orientation” is not just code language for “gay” – it means what it says, and heterosexual males have “sexual orientation,” too. So, Ms. Dowd, keep your eye on the Canadian Parliament – it’s a surprisingly entertaining body when in session, with none of the reserve we southerners expect of our Congress. And don’t plan any Montreal vacations until the dust settles.

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