Man Without Qualities

Monday, April 08, 2002

Update: There must have been some simple but terrible mistake …

Not only does Paul Krugman not win a Pulitzer Prize again this year despite having single-handedly identified the story of the century, but now Jane Galt's gone and posted an amazingly self contained, compact and cogent demonstration of why his current New York Times column is seriously intellectually deCAFEnated (search for the first line "Whew! The CAFE debate is still raging:" in Jane's blog).

Well, this "coincidence" shows that all those dots whose little voices Mr.Krugman has recently been hearing say that they sorely needed connecting are, in fact, evidence of exactly the kind of vast right wing conspiracy he knows is out to get him ("A bizarre thing happened to me over the past week: Conservative newspapers and columnists made a concerted effort to portray me as a guilty party ...").

Next, the Bermuda Triangle! No doubt Mr. Krugman is out there way ahead of everyone else already!

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