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Monday, May 06, 2002

Enron Rises From the Grave: The Night of the Living Dead DEMOCRATS!

According to The Nation, the Enron mess - consigned to its grave these many weeks as a political issue for the Republicans, despite the best hopes of the Senator Daschle, Paul Krugman and others of similar inclination - RISES FROM THE DEAD TO DRAIN THE BLOOD OF MODERATE DEMOCRATS LIKE SENATOR LIEBERMAN ... AND EVEN DASCHLE HIMSELF!

What does this all mean for Herr Doktor Professor Albert Van Gore Helsing - and the Democratic Leadership Council generally?

Opening salvo from The Nation:

"If left-labor-liberal progressives had the cohesion and muscle of their right-wing opposites, they would be articulating a simple-to-understand litmus test for the Democratic Party--no "Enron Democrats" on the presidential ticket in 2004. That precondition would eliminate a number of presidential wannabes now mentioned by the Washington media's Great Mentioner. Scratch Senator Joe Lieberman. Forget the happy talk about Senate majority leader Tom Daschle's running for the White House. And Senator Joe Biden can stop daydreaming. These men--and perhaps some other would-be candidates--do not pass the Enron smell test."

After this relatively benign opening, The Nation really goes for the jugular!

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