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Thursday, May 30, 2002

Mail's In!

I read that some other bloggers receive nasty, ignorant mail (poor Sarge!). But the Man Without Qualities is constantly amazed by the Quality of the readers who write. Here is a sample, received in response to the post titled "Racial Profiling of Arab Americans and September 11." Regardless of whether you agree with the writer, wouldn't you like to have someone like him around when you have something significant on your mind and want to talk about it?

Mr. Musil,

I enjoy your blog. But I disagree with the post in subject.

1. I remember campaign 2000 well. Bush was clearly and openly pandering to Arabs in Michigan. Yes, only citizens could vote. Bush never tried to differentiate between Arabs citizens and non-citizens in his pandering. Not that differentiation would have work. Immigrant communities are generally concerned for their legal non-citizens just as much as for citizen members. Concern for illegals is a little lower but not by much.

2. In many situations, airport security is one of them, it is impossible to separate citizens from non-citizens. How do you know, visually, without document check, difference between Arab who got citizenship last year and his brother who did not?

It is a disgrace that FBI supervisors in Washington refused to look through flight school rosters. Mueller's defense of that decision is despicable. As many people have pointed out, Mark Steyn is among them, that if one limits oneself to a few obviously Arabic names, one could have worked through list in a couple days. How would you know Abdulah Truck-Bomber Said, a citizen, from Mowan Jet-Bomber Zogby, an immigrant?

3. As a recent CIS study shows, terrorists come to America by many ways. Some are naturalized citizens, some permanent residents, some students, some illegals. Takes every kind. There were several Arab naturalized citizens involved in the first WTC bombing attempt.

An active intelligent service would insert 1 active or sleeper agent among 100-1000 immigrants. As aside, KGB most surely has followed this pattern, it means that there are
300-3000 former(?) KGB agents in LA alone.

If terrorists follow this patterns there are hundreds or thousand of sleepers in US. Anyone without criminal record, and under Democratic administration people with criminal record as well, can become an US citizen. There is no reason to believe that citizenship oath will make a sleeper into upstanding citizen.

Unfortunately, as virulent anti-Israel and anti-semitic demonstrations and a total lack of pro-American, anti-terrorist ones have shown, there are tens may be hundreds thousands of terrorists sympathizers among Muslims in this country. In short 5 years most of them will be citizens.

4. I'm leaning towards view that Bush believes in PC and multi-culti. He is pandering to any immigrant group he can lay his hands on, wants yet another amnesty for illegals, 'Islam is religion of peace' business, etc, etc. Bush keeps on Norm Mineta, an incompetent politically correct fanatic. We have to assume that Bush approves the fact that Mineta's goons will search 10 Utah grandmothers before checking one young Arab.

5. My view is that PC and multi-culti ideologies are not compatible with security of US populace. It is my believe that support for these ideologies is truly bipartisan, from Kennedy to Bush, from Boxer to McCain. I hate to think that it might take many more thousands dead Americans before the curse of these ideologies is removed. It boggles my mind that removal of Marxism in Eastern Europe was less bloody.


[name withheld for lack of express authorization]

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