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Wednesday, June 19, 2002

Still Waiting For Big Mo

URGENT UPDATE!: Big Mo, YOU MUST MOVE FAST! The Minneapolis Star Tribune has already run an editorial blaming Terry Barton's husband for the Colorado fire!! Here's a choice excerpt:

"Whatever else John Barton is thinking about his infamous letter, and all the destruction and publicity attaching to it, it's a fair bet he's wishing he'd laid it in his own fireplace rather than the outgoing mail."

See, Big Mo, the moment threatens to escape you!

Look, you can play up the male insensitivity angle in a different way. Contrary to what the Star Tribune says about John, my guess is that he's home right now thinking something like: "That woman is buggier than a New York apartment. Thank God I moved out or she might have set me on fire!" Or some such unrepentant, insensitive thing of the male variety. But you must publish NOW. Already Kim Strassel at OpinionJournal is suggesting that Ms. Barton should be held responsible if she did what she is accused of! Don't let this happen, I implore you! YOU CAN CONNECT THE DOTS NOW, CAN'T YOU, BIG MO?!!


This is getting worse and worse. First the patriarchy conspired to hold without bail Terry Barton, the abused Forest Service technician who is accused of defying her estranged husband's letter by setting much of the State of Colorado ablaze. Now a federal grand jury has indicted her, saying she did it deliberately!

This is dreadful. Where is Anita Hill to extol what seem to count with a vengeance as Ms. Barton's "outsider values" with respect to insiders at the tired, male Forest Service. But most importantly, where is Maureen Dowd - "Big Mo" - to trumpet and defend this "plucky strawberry blonde" and call out all the GOOD women do in confronting male dominated organizations such as the Forest Service? Where is that masterly hand who writes of possible nuclear demolition of the nation's capital with "[b]oth the bad guys and the good guys are playing with our heads and ratcheting up the fear factor" in a way that deliberately leaves the reader thinking Mo believes that many "bad guys" work at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, extending her repeated deliberate suggestions that those she differs with politically are like murderous terrorists and the dictators who nurture them.

But with a very light touch!.

Come on, Big Mo. You owe it to Ms. Barton. This is her hour of need!

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