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Saturday, July 27, 2002

An Algorithm For Correcting Error 503

Many Blogger bloggers are having trouble posting because of "Error 503: Unable to load template file: /home."

The following little algorithm has almost always worked for the Man Without Qualities to correct Error 503.

1. Try to publish, but notice appears: "Error 503: Unable to load template file: /home."

2. Click on "Template."

3.Make no changes in your Template.

4. Click on "Save Changes." After a few moments' delay, this should return the screen to the original split-screen "Posts" setup, and a little yellow "Publish" button should appear on the far right in the middle of the screen.

5. Click on the yellow "Publish" button. Wait a few moments. [If "Publish" button is not there, bring your post up onto the upper half of the screen and click on "Post and Publish"]

6. Bring your post back onto the "edit" (upper half) of screen by clicking on "Edit" at bottom of stored post in lower half of screen. Do pot edit your post.

7. Click on "Post and Publish."

8. Wait a few moment or until little flipping pages stop. The "Error 503" message may appear again - that doesn't matter.

9. Check blog screen (you will likely need to "Refresh" it.)

10. If this doesn't make the post appear, repeat the whole algorithm. Sometimes it takes two or three interations to correct Error 503.

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