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Thursday, July 25, 2002

Rubin v Cheney

Some of the odder feedback to the comments that have appeared here regarding Robert Rubin has taken the form of assertions that it is "really" Vice President Cheney who has the potential False Statements Act problem.

Whether or not Mr. Rubin violated the False Statement Act will not be affected by whether or not Mr. Cheney violated that act. It's not as if there is some kind of political conservation principle at work here.

But, also, an investigation of the supposed Halliburton issues has begun, and Mr. Cheney has indicated he will cooperate with it. All that being noted, it does not look at this time as if the Halliburton matter is going to be very satisfying for Mr. Cheney's political critics. But time will tell. And the harsh interests of Mr. Cheney's critic's are no basis for not questioning or investigating.

What has been sought here at the Man Without Qualities is an investigation of Mr. Rubin's involvement in the very controversial Enron/Citigroup matter as revealed by the New York Times.

So it is remarkable that defenders of Mr. Rubin who are arguing so vigorously to forestall his questioning or investigation would be so foolish as to cite to Mr. Cheney's involvement with Halliburton.

Remarkable - and odd.

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