Man Without Qualities

Monday, August 19, 2002

Good Moral Character

Stephen Glass wrote many high profile stories that appeared in the New Republic, Rolling Stone and George and which were filled with fabrications.

He was bounced from journalism. Where did he end up? Why, he's reported to have graduated from Georgetown University Law School and is reported to be working as a law clerk with Washington Superior Court Judge A. Franklin Burgess Jr. or a lawyer in Washington or New York.

What does it say about the legal profession that Georgetown retained and graduated Mr. Glass as a law student? What does it say about the Washington Courts (especially Judge Burgess, who seems rather unconcerned with the rather obvious appearance of impropriety of having a notorious fabricator assisting and influencing the judge's work product) and law firms that he could find employment with one of them? What does it say about the state regulation of attorneys that he could hope to gain admission to the bar of any state?

Whatever it says, it's not a compliment.

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