Man Without Qualities

Monday, August 19, 2002

Senator Dorgan Enquires

Senator Dorgan wrote to Attorney General John Ashcroft to ask why there has been no indictment in the Enron case. Dorgan wrote:

"The Enron scandal was the corporate scandal first to be uncovered. Yet the investors, the employees and the American public have seen no action taken against those who were involved.''

A Justice Department spokesman replied that the Enron task force ``is working as fast as they can and as aggressively as they can," that the Enron investigation is extremely complex and that any prosecutions will be ``based solely on the evidence and the facts,'' rather than politicians' calls for action.

The reader is invited to decide for herself whether a fair translation of that reply is: THE JUSTICE DEPARTMENT DOES NOT BELIEVE IT CAN OBTAIN A CONVICTION OF ANY MAJOR ACTOR IN THE ENRON MATTER AT THIS POINT. The Man Without Qualities inclines to that interpretation.

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