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Wednesday, September 25, 2002

Regime Change in the Senate?

You know the Democrats are really getting desperate when even the normally sensible ones in the bunch feel they have to start carping about the president's "legitimacy" (yes, yes, Florida again!) in efforts to stop the coming Iraq war.

I guess those rumors of the probable coming "regime change" in the Senate have a lot more to them than I had thought.

UPDATE: Some recent MSNBC/Zogby Poll tracking poll results show some interesting spreads.

Some examples:

Minnesota – Senate Republican Norm Coleman (47%) leads Incumbent Democrat Paul Wellstone (41%)

Missiouri – Senate Democrat Jean Carnahan (48%) leads Republican Jim Talent (40%)

New Jersey – Senate Democrat Bob Torricelli (39%) leads Republican Douglas Forrester (34%) [Is Torricelli really as "endangered" as McAuliffe (nee Clinton) says?] [UPDATE: You bet he is!]

North Carolina – Senate Republican Elizabeth Dole (55%) leads Democrat Erskine Bowles (32%)!

South Dakota – Senate Democrat Tim Johnson (46%) leads Republican John Thune (43%)

lots more

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