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Wednesday, September 04, 2002

What's That Madonna Strums?

Madonna is now reported to be "strumming 'Morning has Broken' on her acoustic guitar" and doing other wholesome things.

"Lately I've been doing Cat Stevens songs, just singing to myself. 'Wild World' and 'Morning has Broken' -- I play that song every day practically," Madonna said.

She also is quoted as saying "Hey! Nothing is what it seems," and in this case one is tempted to agree.

Madonna is certainly not alone in believing that Cat Stevens wrote "Morning Has Broken." Even the Cat Stevens discography web site, for example, seems to credit him with the music, although Eleanor Farjeon is correctly credited there for the words.

However, Cat Stevens appears to be responsible for neither the words nor the music for "Morning Has Broken."

The song's music is a traditional celtic melody dating back even further than an old song with the melody about the Scottish Isle of Mull. Since Madonna's husband Guy Ritchie is a Scot, he and she may care.

Well before Mr. Steven's involvement, the song had been a hymn in many churches, although not common in the Catholic Church by which both Madonna and Cat Stevens (now Yusuf Islam) are reported to have been schooled.

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