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Tuesday, October 29, 2002

The best lack all conviction, ...?

James Lileks posts some interesting observations on Paul Wellstone and his aftermath. Not exactly "while the worst/ Are full of passionate intensity" of more than one political affiliation. And not exactly "a plague o' both your houses." But ....

Some quick polls have now been completed in Minnesota. This one shows Mondale up by 2% (well within the margin of error).

And doesn't a nasty, partisan act like the Wellstone family telling the Vice President not to come to the Senator's funeral rather expose the harsh partisan considerations surrounding the eulogies? It does not seem likely to help the Democrats maintain the delusional froth necessary to convice voters that they are not actually electing Mr. Mondale in a few days, but instead Paul Wellstone's doppelganger.

UPDATE: Perhaps somebody should bring this to the attention of the Wellstone family and remind them of what John Kennedy said of Richard Nixon: "No class."

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