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Tuesday, October 01, 2002

Bye Bye Pallone

In an extraordinary burst of good judgment Frank Pallone has now reportedly changed his mind, perhaps awakening to a certain "democratic deficit" in his selection? Earlier this afternoon, Mr. Pallone told Governor McGreevey that Pallone would accept the Democratic nomination to fill Bob Torricelli's seat, but an hour later, he backed out of the race. Sources say that he changed his mind at the urging of his wife, Sarah. Perhaps Sarah advised him: "You can do anything you want, Frank, but if you do this YOU ARE OUT OF YOUR FRIGGIN MIND!"

That kind of thing happens, you know. A good spouse is a priceless asset. Perhaps Sarah had reservations about activating a frantic, hostile investigation of every single thing her husband and everyone else in her family and circle of friends has ever done over the last, say, 20 years.

Now former Senator Frank Lautenberg, who recently celebrated his one millionth birthday, is the leading contender.

But an especially droll report has it that: "Other Democrats said that Rep. Rob Andrews, a Camden County Democrat with a $1.3 million warchest, is now receiving increased consideration as a Senate candidate."

So it seems the top New Jersey Democrats are cooing: "O! Representative Andrews! I love your big, muscular, hairy warchest!"

Explain that to the New Jersey Supreme Court!

Gee, if this keeps up, the Democrats may have to run Torricelli. You know, that guy the voters picked in the Democratic primary?

But if that's too disgusting, here's an idea that is probably on the new side for the court-obsessed Democrats: If you don't like the law, and you think you have an argument, why not call the New Jersey Legislature into emergency session TOMORROW to amend the election law to allow you to add your new candidate? THAT'S CALLED REPRESENTATIVE DEMOCRACY!

But maybe the Democratic-controlled Legislature wouldn't want to take that kind of bizarre action so close to an election. Maybe that would make it all too clear that the Democrats are trying to radically change the rules in the middle of the game, which a lot of voters might not like. Better to go to the activist * New Jersey Supreme Court - where they can pretend that they're just getting a judicial interpretation of "existing law."

CORRECTION: * Originaly read "Democrat-appointed." Six of the seven members of the state's Supreme Court, including Chief Justice Deborah T. Poritz, were appointed by Gov. Christine Todd Whitman, a Republican.

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