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Wednesday, October 30, 2002

Mr. Blodgett Regrets

The Pioneer Press is reporting: The head of the Wellstone campaign apologized Wednesday for the event’s sharply political tone. "It was not our intent to inject that into the service," campaign chairman Jeff Blodgett said of comments made at the Tuesday night ceremony. "I take responsibility for that and I deeply regret it." ... "It probably would have been best not to get into the election," Blodgett said.

Gee, doesn't Mr. Blodgett realize that many liberals - including some liberal bloggers - have been defending the vulgar, partisan, exploitative, opportunistic tone of the "Memorial-Cum-Mardi-Gras" as what "Paul" would have wanted and what one is suppopsed to do to "celebrate a life" anyway?

How could Mr. Blodgett pull the rug out from under those hard-scribing lugs this way?! Does he think only of himself?

And, not to be too crass about it, but has anybody bothered to ask Mr. Blodgett if he took a look at any overnight polling data regarding the public reaction to the Memorial festivities before, you know, "deeply regretting." In other words, is this the kind of "regret" one feels when one experiences a tender siege of conscience and remorse - or the kind of "regret" one feels when one gets caught in the act.

UPDATE: Mr. Mondale regrets, too.

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