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Tuesday, November 05, 2002

"Krugman the Magnificent"

Why does Paul Krugman bother with bad economics and punditry when he could apparently make some real money as a mind reader? "Carnac the Magnificent" is a piker compared to Mr. Krugman, who processes lesser minds than his by the thousands:

Of course, some pundits tell you that not much is at stake in this particular election, that the parties aren't really very different on the issues. I don't know what planet they are living on: in reality, the parties are further apart than they have been since the 1930's. The fact that anyone imagines otherwise is a tribute to the timidity of the Democrats, who are afraid to say what they really think, and the subterfuge of the Republicans, who show a disciplined willingness to pretend to hold positions they actually abhor.

How does Mr. Krugman know what both Democrats and Republicans "really think" or "actually abhor?" DOES Mr. Krugman think he knows what both Democrats and Republicans "really think" or "actually abhor" even when it's quite other than what they say?

"A disciplined willingness to pretend to hold positions they actually abhor?" All or almost all Republicans? Mr. Krugman thinks they are all or almost all subject to discipline from the President, it seems. Yes, to Mr. Krugman all the little Republicans seem to sing:

When the little blue clerk
In the middle of his work,
Starts a tune to the moon up above,
It is the White House that is all,
Simply telling us to fall in line

And why do Mr. Krugman's columns keep suggesting his weird conspiracies? He is a bird that sings but one note all night long.

Here's a test, Mr. Krugman: My e-mail address is on the upper left. My nominal opinions are slathered all over this blog. NOW E-MAIL ME AND TELL ME WHAT I REALLY THINK AND ACTUALLY ABHOR!

I can hardly wait to find out!

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