Man Without Qualities

Friday, December 20, 2002

But Small, ... Really Small

Richard Feynman, almost everyone's favorite physicist, noted that even psychology can be a serious research science in the right hands!

SIDE NOTE: The Man Without Qualities was present in the crowd to which Professor Feynman gave this address originally, and remembers it well. It was an incredible experience - maybe almost as profound for me as his nude baths at Esalen were for the Professor. But my Cal Tech experience lacked a good beautiful-girl-toe-massage episode.

The Birkin was actually created in 1984, when British actress, Jane Birkin confided in Hermes Wallet Crocodile Stripe that her Kelly was not practical for her day to day routine. Collaboration between Jane Birkin and Jean-Louis Hermes began, ending in a bohemian bag which was modeled after an 1892 saddle bag.
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