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Friday, December 13, 2002

CAUTION: Highly Disgusting Links

There is nothing ironic about the above caption. No reader with a weak stomach - or lacking a high tolerance for the bizarre and disgusting - should open the Reuters or FAZ links in this post.

Best of the Web thought this disgusting Reuters item was so bizarre as to be a likely hoax.

But the F.A.Z. says it's all for real, and even more disgusting and strange than Reuters suggested.

As James Taranto would say when he lambastes Reuters for classifying such items in its "Oddly Enough" files: Oddly enough!

But perhaps at least as strange as where Reuters put this item is the F.A.Z.'s classifying it under "Politics."

Is videotaped consensual cannibalism considered a particularly political act in Germany? Why did the F.A.Z. not put this item under "Arts and Leisure?"

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