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Friday, December 13, 2002

FURTHER UPDATE: New Korean War Comes On Little Cat's Feet?

The Economist bird-dogs this story:

A number of countries are keen to talk North Korea into making the Korean peninsula an area free of nuclear weapons—even China and Russia, both old allies of the North from the cold war. Japan, too, has also been trying to establish relations. But Kim Jong Il, the North’s leader, is unpredictable.

"Unpredictable?" Is that what Kim Jong Il is? He is, for example, the leader of the government that kidnapped Japanese civilians from places like beaches and parks in Japan to serve as involuntary teachers of Japanese customs and language to North Korean spies - and is still holding their families in North Korea hostage against the abductees returning from their trip back to Japan.

One can think of stronger and more accurate adjectives for Kim Jong Il than "unpredictable."

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