Man Without Qualities

Wednesday, December 04, 2002

How Often Do You Finish A Newspaper Story With Your Face Wet From Tears II?

The many good hearted, well intentioned people of varied political stipes and race described in this Sandy Banks article from the LA Times are struggling with real problems having tragic consequences.

But that's not what most of the supposed intellectual elite of the Democratic Party do. Most of those elite seem more interested in preserving what they seem to think is their valued race card. For example, one can pick up any copy of the National Review today and see that it has changed - and that Mr. Buckley has changed - tremendously since 1957. But that fact must be denied by today's casual, Ivory Tower purveyors of racial enmity.

Before shuffling his race cards for another such raw deal, Professor DeLong may want to ring up his Berkeley colleague John U. Ogbu and have lunch with him once or twice. And Sandy Banks is very approachable. She can be reached at Perhaps she would be willing to give the Good Professor the contact information for some of the people mentioned in her article who are actually trying to understand and do something constructive about racial problems, especially in education - not just fatuously exploiting them for on-the-run political gain.

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