Man Without Qualities

Sunday, December 15, 2002

No More Gore

A "senior adviser" to Al Gore was telling the media again that Mr. Gore will not run for the Presidency again.

Then, finally, after God-knows-how-many "leaks," Mr. Gore himself admitted as much.

It was more than a little weird and undignified that Mr. Gore allowed this kind of political information to trickle out to the public through third parties. Perhaps he was hoping that someone will rush forward and plead: "No, Al, you just can't do it! WE ALL NEED YOU SO MUCH!"

But as long as he's making a farce out of the whole Presidential thing anyway, why didn't he just include his announcement not to run again as part of his Saturday Night Live shtick, along with the excruciatingly predictable and obvious and unfunny "send up" of his long kiss with Tipper.

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