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Sunday, December 08, 2002

Snow Job

President Bush is reported to have chosen CSX Corp. Chairman John W. Snow to replace Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill.

It is a curious choice. CSX is not generally considered to be the best-managed national railroad, nor does Mr. Snow enjoy a wide reputation as a brilliant thinker. Indeed, a case could be made that Mr. Snow may possess many of Mr. O'Neill's limitations, perhaps more of the same - although he does not seem to have a reputation for masking O'Neillian disloyal or ill considered comments as "candid," "refreshing," "independent," or, worse, "spunky," thoughts, either.

UPDATE: Omygod! And now Kausfiles reports:

This is too good to be true, but Bush's pick for Treasury Secretary, John W. Snow, appears to be a member of the Augusta National Golf Club. ... The New York Times editorial page will soon be calling for Snow to refuse to stimulate the economy until Augusta National admits women.

Maybe Paul Krugman is right! Maybe the whole world is run by a set of interlocking conspiracies!

FURTHER UPDATE: Well, at least Mr. Snow has some political sense.

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