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Wednesday, December 18, 2002

Steele Nails Lott

Shelby Steele hits a home run in his analysis of the Trent Lott mess.

The Republican Party must provide a home for African-Americans and other minorities who are fed up with the old Democratic skam of phony support of minorities which in fact leads mostly to their impoverishment and dependency. The President knows that. But the Trent Lott story has become a big obstacle to accomplishing that goal. People who become big obstacles to their Party's necessary political goals are not appropriate Senate Majority leaders, although they can have other roles to play.

Senator Chafee, for example, is likely a big obstacle to the accomplishment of some necessary Republican Party goals. That doesn't mean Senator Chafee should be invited to leave the Party or the Senate - but nobody is going to nominate him for Senate Majority leader, either.

And, unfortuneately for Senator Lott, even if other factors against his leadership role were not already enough, an example must be made when a nasty story gets this big.

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