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Wednesday, December 11, 2002

Tremors and Rumors Rack Goreocosm!

Matt sez that the New YorkTimes will say that Al's "associates" say that they are becoming increasingly convinced that Al won't run!

But the "associates emphasized that Mr. Gore had not told them his intentions and that in fact he had not made up his own mind."

So these Gore "associates" say they go mind-readers one better!

This article seems best conveyed in its almost incoherent stream-of-conciousness tidbits:

his demeanor and actions since Election Day had convinced them that it was becoming increasingly unlikely ... starkly different from those previously voiced ... Mr. Gore had been strikingly more animated (!) when talking about the private life ... than when contemplating another two-year race for the White House ... taken steps that stirred speculation that he would run ... speeches next month ... not cultivated contributors and political leaders, as would be customary ... "baggage he has with the media." Mr. Gore is distressed... reinventing himself ... convinced that Mr. Bush could be defeated in 2004 but wondering whether another Democrat might be a stronger challenger ... said tonight that Mr. Gore "has not made up his mind" ... "on a book tour" ... decision will have a huge effect on the early dynamics of the Democratic primary campaign .... would open the way for Senator Joseph I. Lieberman ... to join the race ... Tom Daschle ... strongly considering entering the race ... Mr. Gore's ... content with a life they described as interesting and lucrative ... he is well aware of the anti-Gore sentiment ... and is reluctant to proceed ... "He is really sort of assessing whether he is the best person" ... Further, ... not made ... preparatory telephone calls ... Donna Brazile ... had not heard from him in months ...

Now, how about that? The only kind of "friend or associate" who says this kind of thing to the media without Mr. Gore's permission is an erstwhile "friend or associate." What a way to run a political career. What a mess.

And now open the swinging saloon doors of Pandemonium!

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