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Tuesday, December 10, 2002

Trouble For Daschle

NRO reports:

On Monday, [Senate Minority Leader Tom] Daschle seemed to give [Senate Majority leader Trent] Lott a measure of absolution when he told reporters that, "Senator Lott, in my conversation with him this morning, explained that that wasn't how he meant them to be interpreted. I accept that. There are a lot of times when he and I go to the microphone, would like to say things we meant to say differently, and I'm sure this is one of those cases for him, as well."

But Rep. Maxine Waters was having none of that:

"I think that Mr. Daschle moved too quickly to explain Mr. Lott," Waters said today. "I consider that this is a Democratic party issue, and to the degree that the Democratic party understands that it must relate to the concerns of African Americans, they will pause and take into consideration what message this and other kinds of statements like this are sending into the African American community. It is not enough to simply defend or to explain these kinds of statements and then at election time talk about why black Americans should turn out in large numbers. So we've got some work to do."

Yes, indeed, keep those race cards in play ALL THE TIME, Ms. Waters.

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