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Thursday, January 09, 2003

Despite All This Speculation ,,,

,,, I think the Adminstration will file a brief with the Supreme Court opposing the Michigan "affirmative action" plan.

The Washington Times reports:

Before what one lawyer called "the Lott mess," affirmative-action opponents had expected the Bush administration to go on record against plans such as those challenged in Michigan.

The President will make this call. He has shown the guts and clarity of vision to re-propose Charles Pickering to the Fifth Circuit. Mr. Pickering is a good friend of Trent Lott and an excellent and non-racist nominee who is supported by many African-Americans in Mississippi but was seriously slimed by Democrats in the Senate and the liberal media when his nomination was rejected last time.

The Pickering re-nomination certainly doesn't suggest that the President is afraid of "the Lott mess" when it comes to judicial nominations - and there is no reason to believe the President's fear will be triggered by a Supreme Court brief, either.

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