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Monday, February 10, 2003

Cause of Disney Decline Discovered At Last?

The Man Without Qualities has suggested that the root cause of the decline of the Walt Disney Company may be "pump head."

Now, an astute reader points out that the cause of "pump head" may have been found!

Specifically, a report by Duke University Medical Center claims that gastrointestinal bacteria are the culprit for cognitive impairment following bypass surgery. Bypass surgery requires use of a heart-lung machine. Gut bacteria release endo-toxins that cause an increase in inflammatory response associated with the heart-lung machine which leads to greater cognitive dysfunction.

So it comes to this: bacteria intended by nature to influence only the processes that result in the production of human feces are having a profound effect on the products of Michael Eisner's brain.

As astute reader notes: Who says doctors don't do science? Exactly so.

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