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Monday, February 03, 2003

French Endgame

The collapse of the deliriously misconceived Franco-German Axis of Weasels is predicted by the International Herald Tribune, which, incidentally, is now completely controlled by the New York Times.

UPDATE: But there are now reports that Blair has failed.


A prior post noted that the best way for the United States and Britain to garner French support in obtaining a new Security Council vote is to make it clear and credible to the French that Iraq will be invaded regardless of whether a new United Nations resolution is forthcoming.

Well, it does seem as though the United States is going out of its way to make the point that France is not necessary:

France is no longer an ally of the United States and the NATO alliance "must develop a strategy to contain our erstwhile ally or we will not be talking about a NATO alliance" the head of the Pentagon's top advisory board said in Washington Tuesday.

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