Man Without Qualities

Monday, March 03, 2003

And A Third

Another factor to add to the Note's list of factors favoring Bush 43 over Bush 41: In 1992 the Democrats weren't caught between so many rocks and hard places as they are now and probably will be next year.

Another exhibit submitted in evidence: Hillary Clinton reportedly says she is backing President Bush's Iraq policies all the way. No serious person could believe that Senator Clinton takes this position out of personal conviction - we are seeing naked political necessity here. She is, after all, Senator from New York. It is also fair to assume that Senator Clinton has discussed this matter with her husband, and that her position has his blessing.

What does that all that say about the chances of the Democratic candidate for President in 2004 carrying New York State if the candidate does not support President Bush's Iraq policies today? It doesn't seem as though Senator Clinton thinks the chances would be high. How easy will it be for a Democrat to win without carrying New York State? How many of the droves of current Democrat contenders can lay claim to being such a supporter? For example, what does Hillary's action say about how useful it will be for Florida Democratic Senator Graham to be on the Democratic ticket?

On the other hand, the above-linked article also notes that Senator Clinton's position puts her squarely at odds with a majority in her own party, where one recent poll found an Iraq attack is opposed by 66 percent of "core Democrats." So how likely is it that a Democrat who supports President Bush's Iraq policies is going to be the Democratic nominee?

UPDATE: The Man Without Qualities has dismissed any chance that the current President would allow himself to be drawn into the kind of stupid controversey that bedeviled his father over Israeli settlers. But the very keeper of the Likudnik/White House cottage industry himself - Mickey Kaus - warns of a possible mess from within the White House on just this topic:

After an Iraq war, if Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz moves to try to force Israel to curtail its settlements in the occupied territories -- as he's suggested he'll do -- how long do you think it will take his fellow neocon Bush adviser Richard Perle to turn on him? Not very long, I'd guess. ...

FURTHER UPDATE: Further evidence of how the Democrats' handling of the Estrada matter is threatening to turn their embarrassment into a potential disaster with the Hispanic vote. The liberal, Democrat-leaning Miami Herald says the Democrats should cut it out.

Link from Viking Pundit.

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